The cuisine

Eating is not only a necessity but a pleasant moment with family and friends.

The cuisine we offer represents our traditions, from casunziei to canederli, from the selection of cold cuts and cheeses from our valleys to to our desserts that make your mouth water!

All these dishes are homemade by us with the use of local products and you can enjoy them comfortably in our facility or on the panoramic terrace which, especially on sunny days, offers a splendid view of our pastures.

In order not to disturb the other guests, unfortunately we ask our 4-legged friends to play and keep us company outside.

Interno sala da pranzo Ra Stua


A causa della pulizia dei boschi e dei pascoli (Curadizo) e di una corsa di beneficenza nella nostra zona, saremo aperti a pranzo solo con servizio bar, dolci e antipasti.

Grazie per la comprensione!